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Car rides, Countrysides, and Thunder Roads

For as long as I can remember, one of the best spaces to become present to the people and places around me has been during a car ride. Whether it was the usual summer family road trip, long drives on … Continue reading

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Normalized No More: Gaining Perspective from Irish Prisons

The first time I stepped foot on Rikers Island, New York’s main jail complex, was in 2012 for a college course. I was struck by the long bridge, big fences, high walls, and sharp barbed wire. The old, run-down buildings, … Continue reading

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Lessons in patience, humility, and taking the scenic route

The day before I left for Ireland, I spent my morning as most not-so-religious 25 years olds do prior to leaving home for a year: having a coffee date arranged by my Nana with the priest from my local parish. … Continue reading

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