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A visitor as a visitor.

The Smurfit School at University College Dublin takes an annual study trip.  This year I was one of seventy MBA students to visit Tokyo and Seoul.  The group included full-time and executive MBA students, most of whom were Irish.  Our … Continue reading

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Sharing Ireland With My Family

My full name is Micaela Erin Flynn Connery.  We have a sign “No Irish Need Apply” to remind us of when relatives first moved to Newport from Ireland many years ago and how they struggled.  My grandparents, although born and raised … Continue reading

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Exploring Nimble Spaces in Kilkenny

It was dark when boarded the train from Dublin to Kilkenny.  Light came up on the first frost covering all the fields we passed.   I was on the way to a town outside Kilkenny, where a group of residents … Continue reading

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