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Rethinking My America

I ventured up to Ireland’s functional capital—Dublin—from Ireland’s real capital—Cork—this past weekend to watch the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. My friends and I scoped out a great spot just in front of President Higgins and the GPO. It was a … Continue reading

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Half-Irishmen, Stouts, and the Dilemma of Belonging

I occupy a strange identity space here in Ireland. I’ve never lived somewhere where the vast majority of people look very much like me, yet lead lives quite different than my own. I have red hair, a red-ish beard, and … Continue reading

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“Lads, wanna go for tea?”

Perhaps the most peculiar thing I saw during the first week of classes at University College Cork was the Hot Beverage Society. I was confused how a student organization could keep membership when its primary purpose was the communal appreciation … Continue reading

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