January 2007 Reflection

With four classes behind me and exciting adventures in various stages of planning, I now proceed with my second term in the International Peace Studies program. The richness and dynamism of the program have generated far too many research interests to pursue but I am gradually sifting through it all and beginning to develop an idea of where I will focus my research.

Life in Dublin has been stimulating and inspiring. The city feels vibrant and new, buzzing with all things modern. Yet one can always sense its saturation with history and culture. And like any city, Dublin faces its own challenges. One such challenge concerns the complex of issues surrounding immigration and racism. Addressing these issues, Finglas for Diversity and Dublin’s community radio station, Near FM will sponsor an oral history project, ultimately broadcasting five radio shows. Thanks to Daniel Preysman, I have the opportunity to be involved as an interviewer and am looking forward to collaborating with him on the project.

Tutoring is going very well. Day trips have been lots of fun. Weekly dinners at my place continue. So life has been busy. And I think it might get busier yet. I will start working part time at Cornucopia, the vegetarian’s paradise in Dublin, cooking and serving (and eating) a few nights a week. I hope to take up Capoeira (the Afro-Brazilian martial art) again after a two year hiatus, and am also mulling over tempting invitations by members of the Ultimate Frisbee and Basketball teams.

While there is certainly plenty to do in Dublin, my friends and I often plan spectacular adventures over tea in my room, drafting our routes across the gigantic world map on the wall. Who knows where we’ll end up.

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