January 2008 Reflection

I can hardly believe that my first semester is already over, as is Christmas, and I am now writing a journal entry in the year 2008. Today I return to Ireland from my home in Florida, and in a few short days I will begin my new courses for the spring semester.

My last semester at UCD ended on December 20th after three final exams. During that month, I devoted all of my time to studying for those courses, especially since the final exams in two of the courses comprised 100 percent of my final grade. Luckily, the hours paid off and I felt confident and worry free as I prepared to head home for the holidays.

Despite my month of “cramming,” I was able to squeeze in a trip to Prague just before Thanksgiving as well as tour my little sister around Dublin. She came to visit me in the days between my last final and our departure to Florida on Christmas Eve.

I have had a wonderful time at home over the holidays. These weeks have been the longest stretch of time that I have been home in almost five years. I am leaving Florida recharged, ready and excited to return to Ireland. What I am most looking forward to (besides the initial reunion with my house mates and friends) is beginning one of my new courses, Climate Dynamics. The field of climatology has always been of great interest to me, especially in the midst of the global warming debate, and I suspect that this course will give me the ideas and tools to begin developing my summer research thesis.

I also look forward to traveling more, around Ireland as well as mainland Europe. I am currently planning a trip to Cork in February to celebrate the Chinese New Year with other Mitchell scholars. In the spring, I plan to travel to Scotland, England, and France.

Well I suppose it is time for me to close my laptop and suitcase and head for the airport. See you in Ireland!

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