March 2006 Reflection

I have a hard time believing that I’ve already been in Ireland for six months. Life continues to be pleasant and remarkably consistent for the last two months. Thus, as new developments are few, my journal entry will be brief. Most of my time is dedicated to classwork, working on my thesis (which I will write more about in my journal once I figure out what exactly it is), and attempting to figure out what I am going to do after I depart Ireland with varying degree of success. My course on globalization is particularly interesting as it offers a chance to contrast the macro-level forces of globalization with the intricacies of local politics in Northern Ireland, about which I am consistently learning more. I’ve continued to travel both in Ireland and throughout continental Europe as I had a chance to make it to Barcelona to visit a friend from Washington. Locally, I am continuing my systematic effort to explore the entirety of Belfast before I leave. Most pressing, I continue to search in vain for an establishment with a working darts board and to figure out a way to watch some of the NCAA tournament. Many of my most enjoyable experiences continue to be spending time with the Mitchell crew. Ben Cote and I celebrated a joint birthday in Derry in February that featured most of the Mitchells that were in the country. Without questions, it ranks among the most enjoyable of my ever-expanding birthday career. All and all, I’m having a wonderful time.

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