June 2006 Reflection

It started 9 months ago with an overnight flight,
Now it is summer and the end is in sight.
I cannot believe how the time has flown,
And all the ways in which I have grown.

Poetry is not my forte,
But I have so much that I want to say,
That at least if I frustrate myself with this rhyming,
I’ll give up my writing and save you some timing 😉

This year as a Mitchell has been so great,
If the Air Force didn’t own me I might stay late.
But return to the military is what I will do,
To use my degree and newfound skills too.

Studying security and conflict resolution,
Helped me gain awareness of the world’s institutions.
I learned the perspective of our European allies,
And hopefully built some useful future ties.

But traveling experiences were the best teacher of all,
Collecting lots of stories while heeding the travel bug’s call.
Backpacking from Moscow to the ruins of Pompeii,
Do you really think Cambodia’s too far out of the way?

Living abroad has taught me so much,
Learning new customs, a culture, and such.
Ireland was great with people warm and nice,
I love the pubs, the rugged West, and pizza by the slice.

The other Mitchell Scholars deserve some mention too,
Building awesome friendships is why the year flew.
Thanks to the Alliance staff for making the program great,
And to all our supporters who have helped it share this fate.

A year of learning and memories is coming to a close,
But being a Mitchell continues, goodness knows.
With Trina’s projects we’ll all stay involved,
And work to get the world’s problems resolved =D

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