March 2006 Reflection

Just got back from the Trinity gym, and think I figured something out. The mirrors by the free weight section seem to make you look bigger, while the ones by the cardio equipment are a bit more slimming. I wonder if this is done on purpose to help students keep a healthy self-image. Not sure why I started my journal entry off with this. Might be important. Trinity is building a brand-new gym that will open next year.

Going to see Capote in about an hour. Was not planning on seeing the movie, but changed my mind when that actor whose name I can never remember won an Oscar for this role. Not sure what the movie is about.

I started working for the Dublin Fire Brigade. They put me into a cargo container fire for a fire behavior course. It was probably the hottest I have ever been. At one point, I lay down to get under the heat and it felt like my ears were blistering. It turns out I did not burn my ears, which was good. I work two days a week and do something different each week. This week I am working on researching ambulance response times and patient care report forms. Not quite as exciting as hanging out inside a burning container, but still fun.

Dublin is gearing up for St. Patrick’s Day. Kegs are everywhere. I watched them being dropped into basements today. Orange flags fly from poles lining the Liffey. From O’Connell Bridge you can see a sign that reads, “ROYAL LIVER INSURANCE.” Is this insurance for drinkers? Pints here cost 5 euros. I drink less to save money. Might make an exception for the holiday because I made a new friend.

Going SCUBA diving for a week starting Saturday. After that I am off to Belfast and then Antarctica. Hmmm, not really going to Antarctica. Touring around Ireland on an antique bike instead. County Mayo and Sligo are up first. Don’t really want to go home. Can I apply for this scholarship again?

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