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Hello friends,

I had a really difficult time thinking of a topic for this blog post. I wrote my last one two months ago, and I really don’t do anything interesting enough to come up with another entire blog post in only two months. So I decided to read through some of the other Mitchell’s blog posts to get some ideas. I came away with a couple different conclusions:

1. My Mitchell friends are really cool and much better writers than me
2. I think only other Mitchells read these blogs
3. Everyone uses lots of pictures except me

So after taking into account all of these conclusions, I decided to write this blog to all my Mitchell friends. Listed (in alphabetical order by first name so Tara didn’t have to go last….sorry Tom) are my favorite pictures with each Mitchell scholar, along with one aspect of their character that I truly admire (I always had to choose among many!)

Dan: Intelligence

While I think this descriptor could be used for any of the Mitchells, Dan’s ability to put large words together eloquently in a sentence when discussing monetary policy, refugee crises, macroeconomics, or really anything else that adults talk about baffles and awes me every time.

Dan and I helping Keelie adjust to Ireland by helping her pick out some new sheets

Gavin: Faith

Gavin and I got to room together during our Mitchell orientation in Dublin, and during some fantastic pillow talk I got to hear about how Gavin’s faith drives his decisions and life goals. I consider myself honored to have heard about it then and privileged to see it work in his life now.

Dang we look good

Julianne: Creativity

I truly admire Julianne’s artistic creativity, because it is a gift I will never have. I love talking with her, because every conversation I have with her about her artwork or writing pushes me to think about the world in a way that I would never have thought of before.

No this is not Julianne. This is a swan. It turns out Julianne and I don’t have any pictures together. However, this is a piece of her artwork that can be found at https://rishi-ahuja.squarespace.com/ and purchased to support Childline, a 24 hour confidential listening service, showing that she is kind as well as gifted. We’ll get a picture together soon Julianne!!

Keelie: Queen

While I know “Queen” is technically not an adjective, I couldn’t think of any other words that did a better job describing what I (and everyone else on the planet) thinks of Keelie. Beyonce-esque in her grace, poise, fashion sense and general boss-woman status, it is really hard to over-compliment Keelie. And even if I did she would handle it better than anyone else I know.

The only way this picture could look better was if Jorge was here
Milad: Joyfulness

I don’t know if I’ve had a conversation with Milad that I didn’t come away from smiling, primarily because he was the entire time. Milad’s perpetual optimism and eternal joyfulness make me proud to have him as my friend.

Milad and I after he came to watch one of my basketball games!

Rishi: Adventurous

Rishi and I went on a trip to Iceland together this fall, and it was possibly the coolest trip I’ve ever been on. This is partially because Iceland is awesome, but I think primarily because Rishi’s love of exploration and new experiences made it an incredible adventure each and every day.

Rishi and I werkin it in traditional Icelandic garb

Two bros hanging out on a mountain in Iceland. Rishi gets two pictures cause I love both of these!!

Rachel: Strength

Rachel is the strongest woman I know, and her strength inspires me every single day.

Lol you can’t see Rach

Stephen: Kindness

I’ve gone down to stay with Stephen a couple times now in Dublin, and during each visit I was overwhelmed with his pillow talk wisdom, with what a cool basketball-loving bro he is, and with what a kind and gracious host he was. He even made me breakfast, which anyone who knows how much I eat will realize is actually tremendously impressive.

No words needed

Tara: Thoughtfulness

Tara is one of the most thoughtful people I have ever met. This past fall I took a trip to Galway a week after my birthday, and not only had Tara remembered it, she made me a birthday card and bought me chocolate!! I don’t even remember my own birthday sometimes. I was blown away with her thoughtfulness, especially considering the number of times I have mispronounced her name.

This is not a picture of Tara. It turns out we don’t have any pictures together either. This is a picture of the outside of the incredible birthday card she drew me. We will get a picture together soon too Tara!!

Tom: Maturity

While this may sound like one of the lesser cool things to be (who wants to be mature??), considering how little maturity I have I find Tom’s to be incredibly impressive. Kind of like the wise Mitchell-Dad of the group, Tom’s mature perspective, ability to drive manual cars, and advanced knowledge of human anatomy and modern medicine wows every time.

Everyone look at how mature Tom looks. Go heels!!!


All Mitchells!
Selfie with all my friends!!!

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