A Modern Cinderella Story – starring me

Once upon a time, a young lady was peer-pressured into attending a Ball. This wasn’t just any Ball, this was the UCC Science Ball.

Introducing me as the main character.

She figured it’d be a cultural experience complete with food, friends, and dancing—what could go wrong? The night started off like a scene from a movie, four girls getting ready together, sharing makeup and trying on dresses. They only paused for pizza and chicken nuggets before putting the finishing touches on their evening looks.

Upon arriving at the ball, she sat down to dinner and met the real Prince Charming.

Prince Charming.

Soon, dancing ensued, and her jacket complete with her wallet was left in a pile with friends’ belongings. She danced the night away without a care, until the house lights came on signalling the end of the evening.

Liz, me, and Aoife at the Ball.

As she went to retrieve her things, it was evident things had been moved around and her jacket was gone. She searched everywhere, assuming someone may have taken it by mistake and left it somewhere. Unfortunately, there was no sign of the jacket or wallet, and she was forced to leave without her belongings. Luckily, she had her phone, student ID, room key, and Irish credit card so she could at least survive.

The next day, she went back to the hotel to see if anything had turned up, and sure enough, the jacket had—but no wallet. The beautiful light blue wallet complete with $0 in cash, an Illinois Driver’s License, and Irish Residency Permit, was gone. She pitied whoever took her wallet–for, just as Prince Charming could not wear Cinderella’s glass slipper without its pair, whoever found her wallet would not find much use for an Illinois Driver’s License in Ireland.

It has since been over a month and Prince Charming has yet to show up with her wallet.  However, waiting in line for hours at Immigration to replace the Residence Permit reminded her how lucky she is to be able to stay in this country. She was surrounded by individuals trying to apply for asylum or citizenship for their young children, and here Cinderella was frustrated with her first Ball experience. It was a privilege to even attend the event and be welcomed so warmly into the community when so many others are not as lucky.

“But like all dreams, I’m afraid this won’t last forever” – Fairy Godmother

P.S. Shout out to the Fairy Godmothers that made it possible for me to be in Ireland—Trina and Carolina!

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