coolest in irl

When I think of this year, I think of

  • A bench in St. Stephen’s Green, swirling with gulls, inhaling Beanhive takeout
  • Joy, exhilaration, and peace climbing back up the coast, framed by gorse and wild wind
  • Late night drives through the west coast, peaceful and quiet and content
  • Swaying, arms around shoulders, listening to “Visiting Hours”
  • A turquoise beach, two bikes, a bag of apples, and a roaring, freezing, inviting ocean 

Most of all, I think of

  • Adjacent pillows
  • 4 stars
  • Bao Bun
  • Mid-day vineyard wanders
  • Primary color and animal print dresses
  • Heads out the train, river valley flying by
  • Helicopters and firemen
  • Insane laughter, many memes 
  • Profound understanding
  • So, so much love and gratitude

Every memory is more beautiful and joyful when we’re together—a blessing. Here’s to more~

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