Life as a Galway Girl (I couldn’t help myself!)

Greetings from the wild west!! Galway is a magically little medieval city and I feel so lucky to live here. My life in Ireland has been full of so much adventure and beauty thus far. Here are some of the highlights!

  1. Hiking in Connemara

Despite my better judgment, I’ve fallen in with a rough crowd. The mountaineering crowd to be exact. Every Sunday a group of students from the university head out to the countryside to ‘hike.’ I’ve spent my fair share of time in the U.S. but it turns out that their definition of that word is a bit different than mine. Ireland has some trails, but we don’t use them. We just get dropped off on the side of the road near a mountain and start climbing. Sometimes hand over foot. Sometimes sliding down in a sitting position. Sometimes with zero visibility and rain coming in every direction. But when the clouds clear and you get to see the view it all immediately becomes worth it.  

  1. Pups in Pubs!

Pub culture in Galway is all about community and music. And dogs! They’re all so friendly and well behaved and happy to be there. Which I believe rubs off on everyone else. I’ve come to believe that this is an important mark of a healthy and functioning society. 

  1. Ocean Runs

I grew up running along Lake Michigan almost every day and ever since I moved away four years ago I’ve missed it dearly. The north Atlantic is filling the Lake Michigan sized hole in my heart. And then some. 

  1. Feline Friends

Photos from our back garden. Cats have the run of the place. 

  1. Ali + Our House

I could gush about Ali Watkins for an entire blog post. I probably will at some point. But for right now I will try to keep it brief. Ali is brilliant and hardworking and kind. She found a gorgeous house in Salthill and let me live with her. She makes me dinner and makes me laugh and lets me tag along on her adventures. She gives me really, really good advice. So good that all my new friends also ask her for advice. I’m very lucky to be doing this adventure with her. Galway girls for life! 

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