The Question Isn’t, ‘What Are We Going To Do?’ The Question Is, ‘What Aren’t We Going To Do?’

My inspiration for 2023 is the easy-going Irish disposition and approach to life. Balancing hard work and life experiences is an important skill. I’ve always managed the hard work, but I am working hard in 2023 to avoid letting life slip to a secondary priority. To do this, I’ve had to get creative. With creativity and modern technology, learning and hard work can be done anywhere. Sections of my thesis were written in buses, planes, and trains using my phone, computer, or loose papers of newspaper. In 2023, I am finishing my masters and experiencing experiencing all of Ireland I can.

            Some highlights from my masters so far are my neural engineering course, my audited courses, and my thesis. Of the modules in my masters, neural engineering is my favorite. Biomedical interface has enabled treatment of previously untreatable conditions. I’ve really enjoyed researching new treatment options in the therapeutic pipelines for otherwise debilitating diseases. Even though our engineering module concluded last semester, I am excited to consider neural engineering in an applied context this semester by exploring startup culture at trinity with societies like Trinity Entrepreneurial Society. Alongside these societies, I plan to audit an intellectual property course at Trinity Law, to learn a bit more about the red tape often attached to the practical application of biomedical devices. Also, I recently started work on my thesis. I am researching chronic pain in osteoarthritis patients. I am looking forward to making more progress on this in the coming months.

            Outside academia, I am focused on being a tourist. Even though I have a full year here, I am doing my best to not let the novelty wear off while I continue to explore all Ireland has to offer. Trinity’s location really helps me with my sightseeing. I’ve recently started visiting the National Gallery of Ireland, which is facilitated by the gallery’s location two minutes walking from campus and three minutes walking from my favorite bakery. Over the holidays, I visited Dublin’s Zoo Lights with other Mitchell Scholars and partook in the Irish tradition of the twelve pubs of Christmas with other students from my masters. Outside Dublin, I’ve been hiking in Bray, walked in the beach in Portmarnock, and took my first plunge into the Atlantic on this side. I already have plans to extend my Irish tourism with a trip to visit my Irish friend Kelsey in New Grange this weekend. And, next month I will be visiting the Mitchell Scholars in Galway.

            I still have much to accomplish in Ireland. I am excited to contribute meaningful and interesting research towards chronic pain management. I am also look forward to learning and experiencing as much as I can in my host country for the year. Life in Dublin moves pretty fast. I want to use 2023 to stop and look around once in a while, otherwise I could miss it.

Mitchell Scholars visiting Dublin Zoo Lights
Getting creative with my work in Bray by stopping for a quick Zoom on the boardwalk
Hiking in Bray with Fares and Marie
Seagull spotted on the quay
Spotted a cute dog in Portmarnock
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