Dispatches from Galway

Galway is pretty dark and rainy this time of year. So here are a list of all things bright and warm:

  1. Sea Swim Cure! Ali and I jumped in the ocean on Monday. It had been a while for me—I am no Blackrock regular like Ali. However cold you can imagine the North Atlantic is right now, double it. Nevertheless, I hate to report that it did in fact cure my every ailment and solve all my problems. 

2. Ali lets me tag along when she plays the open mic at a pub in town. In between questionable poetry and bog themed dj sets she TEARS DOWN THE HOUSE. What can’t this woman do???

3. Ok this one is cheating a bit as it is not actually about Galway. But living here gives me access to Ryanair and thus weekend trips to the continent. I spent two really lovely weekends in January and February meeting up with friends in the south of France and western Spain—a sentence I can’t believe really just came out of my mouth. 

4. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: running along the ocean is pure bliss. The wind and the rain and the hail is giving me a run for my money, but it’s always worth it. The tides, the clouds, sometimes even the sun on your face?? BLISS

5. I’ve been taking the long way home from the University whenever I can. Walking along the quieter canal off the Corrib River is when I feel most like I am in an ancient city.

6. I’ve found some folks to watch The Bachelor with! Every Tuesday evening we come together to heckle and cringe and it is delightful. 

7. We had a pretty consistent stream of visitors over the last two months! An eclectic mix of Mitchells, old friends, and new friends made sure that even in the depths of winter, there is never a dull moment on Whitestrand Ave!! 

9. Ali’s unflinching, big big love for the Eagles made me sit up and pay attention this Super Bowl season. On the day they won the game that secured their spot I couldn’t have told you for sure if they were a football or a baseball team. Two weeks later, on the morning of Super Bowl Sunday, I was lighting candles for their coach, star players, and Ali’s grandma in our local church. 

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