Things I Learned on the Last First Day of School

The first day of school is the worst.

The first day of school is the worst. I can’t stand it. I really can’t. Something about walking the paths of campus and suddenly feeling cramped really ticks me off. It’s like when your parents decide to host Thanksgiving and as a result, you now have to gracefully avoid the piercing “how is school” and “where are you working now” from hundreds of aunties and uncles you’ve never met before. I hate it. 

The nice thing about coming back to school though is that all of a sudden my day has way more structure. Things have a natural order to them. Which means I also need to be a bit more intentional about making time for the things I enjoy; reading, music, exercise, and time with friends, of course.

Things I learned on the last first day of school.

Things I learned on the last first day of school. Don’t check Instagram. Sit in the front of class to start off the semester attentively and focused. Sit away from friends. 

It took me twenty years of school to learn this by the way. Answer questions on the first day to set a precedent of answering questions. Don’t check Instagram. Smart ideas I have often come from repurposing old ideas or patterns I’ve been exposed to. Sometimes they come from combining multiple ideas in a new and unique way. I guess this is the basis of creativity; mixing old ideas in a new way depending on the external context.  So, what does this mean for me? Absorb more smart information that makes me think. Read more. Listen more. I guess what they teach you to do in primary school really is true. Okay, back to first-day-of-school epiphanies. Talk to people so they include you in their group projects. The only time to check Instagram is to add the new friends you met in class. I guess the first day of school is really about setting a precedent for yourself. For laying the foundation of how you’ll approach and act for the rest of the semester. 

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