Simple observations

There are few times during my young adulthood when I’ve been able to step away from capital and corporate pressures, choosing instead to live moment to moment, appreciating the small wonders of life. This past year at Trinity has been one of them.

That’s not to say that everything has been swimmingly rosy. But that I’ve tried to spend this past year thoughtfully, with an ease and appreciation, and curiosity that has anchored me always, to the present.

Here are some of the tender intricacies and simple observations over the past few weeks.

School’s out. The grass is green. Dublin is as beautiful as ever. Grey Hoodie switches out of the daily rotation for Blue Shirt Jacket. I still keep the grey pants though. The only thing left is to start writing my thesis. It’s a good problem to have. 

Last week I went to Dublin 6 for a stroll in the urban oasis. I stop by for a coffee, pet some dogs, and crack open a book. I never make it past the first page because I’m too busy thinking about where to go for brunch. Brother Hubbard? Alma? Goose on the Loose? Something about this outing feels all too familiar. Like that of a certain bustling metropolis across the pond. 

Feeling immersed in history is an incredible feeling, one that you don’t quite get in the suburbs of New Jersey. I walk the streets, which have quickly become familiar but still, on occasion reveal their obscured past. Who else laid eyes on this imposing English oak? Who smelled the rich smells of coffee in these local cafes? Whose intuition led them left, then right, to stumble upon this quaint alleyway? What a treat living at Trinity has been.

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