A Reflective Recap

I wrote my last blog post about gratitude, and I’ve had a lot to be grateful for since that post was published. I started working for a venture capital fund named SOSV that currently employs two previous Mitchell Scholars Meghan Hind and Kelly Kirkpatrick. Their mentoring has been invaluable to me, particularly since I have no background in finance whatsoever. 

I spent last weekend at a picnic by Menlo Castle with excellent homemade sandwiches and even better friends. I’ll spend this weekend celebrating Mitchell Scholar Kyle Berlin’s birthday with The Dublin Boys, and on Sunday I’ll go paddleboarding with some local Galwegians. Things are looking up! It seems that after a long year of tough lockdown and isolation the Irish summer proves to be a promising one.

Mitchell Scholars Mason, Kyle, & I at our favorite pub in town- Tonerys!
The owner Peter is here with us. He insisted we get a photo before lockdown began.

The sun doesn’t set until nearly 10PM in Ireland during the summer. The impact this has on mental health cannot be understated- sunlight! It’s here! The days are long for fun and adventure, even for those who like to sleep in (admittedly like me). For once in my life as a ginger, I am not the palest person in my friend group. I think the Irish definitely have me beat on that, and I had a good chuckle watching my Irish friends lather themselves in sunscreen in 50 degree weather (and still get burnt to a crisp!).


Fellow Galway Volleyballer Giulia & I at Menlo Castle

After a long and tumultuous application cycle, I’m very thankful to have been accepted at Georgetown Law where I have received a full-tuition scholarship. I look forward to being in DC and close to all of the US-Ireland Alliance festivities. A special shoutout to Mitchell Scholar Achille for also going through this crazy law school application process with me, and being a great friend to vent with about the process.

Galwegians Cerena, Giulia, and I hosted a paint night in March!

I guess what I’m trying to convey is that I’m just so, so, so grateful for such a wonderful year. Despite the pandemic and being presented with every obstacle humanly possible to making friends, I will be leaving Ireland with several friendships that will last a lifetime. Whether with the other Mitchell scholars, my coworkers at SOSV, or the friends I made at the Galway Volleyball Club, it has been an incredible year. I can’t thank Trina, Carolina, and the US-Ireland Alliance enough for such a life-changing opportunity. I will definitely be back to visit!

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