Dublin by the Sea

When most people think of Dublin, industrial brick and mortar are probably the most prominent images that come to mind. Visitors often forget that Dublin is a city by the sea. I am guilty of this too. 

Dublin is an industrial city through and through, but its sandy beaches and pebbled shores are not to be overlooked. As the weather has warmed up and lockdown restrictions have loosened up, I’ve been able to explore some of Dublin’s finest shores. It’s not often we experience weather warm enough to spend a full day seaside. So when those rare moments do arise, I’m sure to take advantage of them.


I visited Howth with a group of international students at UCD. Just a 28 minute DART ride from UCD Campus, Howth is the ideal day excursion from Dublin. Howth is most famous for its cliff walk. On a clear day, it’s a lovely scenic route that takes you along the coast with awesome views. Although Howth is a relatively easy walk, it is steep at times and you will be walking over some very uneven ground. The hike is most enjoyable when you aren’t in a hurry. Also if you’ve got a nice pair of Bluetooth speakers, be sure to blast music on the go!


If you’re looking for a manageable challenge, the cliff walk from Bray to Greystone is very enjoyable. On my trip, I experienced typical Irish weather (i.e. 4 seasons in a day). We did get some glimpses of sunshine.  But towards the end of the hike, we were faced with cloudy and damp weather. However, that didn’t seem to take away from the beauty of the beaches. Multiple layers of blankets and fish & chips brought all the warmth we needed. 

Sea Point / Dun Laoghaire Pier

Seapoint is located near the port town of Dun Laoghaire in County Dublin. The beach is flat and shallow and the area is suitable for swimming at high tide. There are many rocks. To the south of the beach, the sea covers some of these rocks; you should take extra care swimming in these parts. On a recent trip, Kyle, Joseph, and I bravely hopped into the water. They lasted 10 minutes. I lasted about 10 seconds.

Blackrock Beach

Blackrock is a 12-minute ride from UCD’s main campus in Belfield. Outside campus, I probably spend most of my time in Blackrock. There’s a spot on the water, right behind the train station, that has more or less become my reading nook. Rain or shine, you’ll find me there. 

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