Vintage and Thrift Shopping Across Ireland

For as long as I can remember, I have viewed thrift and vintage shops as palaces of exploration. A place where your outfit choices are not limited by season, color, texture, age, gender, or era, and your creativity can simply take over. Limitations set by what big brands deem to be “in style” cease to exist in thrift and/or vintage stores. To me, this is an incredibly liberating feat as I like to change up my style quite often, and as a student, often on a budget. In my quest to find the most intriguing of pieces, I’ve been able to snag some great deals on warm knits, a snowsuit, designer skirts, vintage shirts from the ‘70s, dresses from the ’50s, and an antique hairbrush, comb, and mirror set from the ‘30s. I like to think my style now matches the vibrant and colorful feel of Ireland’s spirit.

Over the past few months, I have been able to dive into Dublin’s thrifting and vintage culture. From attending niche antique fairs to stumbling into whole in-the-wall thrift shops and attending under-advertised pop-up shops, I’ve seen it all! 

Antique Fair in Dún Laoghaire

My top 5 favorite shops in Ireland include:

  1. Nine Crows Thrift / Vintage (Dublin)
  2. Betty Bojangles (Dublin)
  3. Octopus’s Garden (Belfast) 
  4. Public Romance Vintage (Galway)
  5. Dublin Vintage Factory (Dublin)

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Lucy’s Lounge (Dublin)
  2. Pop-Up Shops Across Dublin (Including: Kilogarm and the ones organized by my university)
  3. Charity Shops (Oxfam, Vincents, Irish Cancer Society)

As with most things in Dublin, thrift and vintage shopping is not a solitary event. Throughout my deep dive into the underbelly of Dublin second-hand fashion, I have made friends whose style is just as eclectic as my own evolving aesthetic. We have shared favorite shops, fashion tips, advice, and the occasional selfie. That’s one of my favorite things about Ireland and the Irish people, wherever you go, whatever you are interested in, there will always be a friend to be made. I especially found this out when I visited Edinburgh in October ‘21 and came upon the cute vintage store called “Little Blue Door Vintage,” which just happened to be owned by 2 lovely Irish ladies! Such a small world we live in. We exchanged information and I got some really interesting insider knowledge about what it takes to run a vintage store. 

Little Blue Door Vintage (Edinburgh, Scotland)

I am excited to continue exploring shops across the country (coming for you next Cork!) and even beyond. 

Till next time! 🙂

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