We broke up.

Disclaimer: Some of the other Mitchells and I thought of making click-bait-style headlines for our last blog post!

An end of May trip to Dingle, County Kerry marked the official end of the 2024 Mitchell Scholarship and the last time I might expect to see the rest of the class for the near future. We broke up. But the trip was not even a little sad, and was instead a time of great appreciation towards Ireland. After a year, I’ve watched my friends and peers grow and mature as individuals. They continue to impress me with their accomplishments and passion. I am excited to hear what everyone has been working towards and moving on to in the coming year. My memories of Dingle seem magical: seeing dolphins and sharks in the Bay, running into the sea in the cold morning, and hiking through dense and shifting fog. 

Having this time to devote to study and think about my research and future has been invaluable. Recently, my work on statistical methodologies for measuring police discrimination was accepted into a conference taking place this summer in Philadelphia. I am also debating at the European Universities Debating Championship in Glasgow, Scotland this summer with the Phil. The Mitchell has also given me the opportunity to explore Ireland and beyond within Europe. 

The Mitchell is uniquely valuable, and I hope that it gains the funding it needs to exist in perpetuity. I believe in programs that allow young people with drive and potential the chance to focus on their research, personal development, and the nation of Ireland. I hold fond memories of Dublin and I know I will return.

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